Marigolds May 25, 2019, 22:08

These Marigolds for the May-June edition of the Dutch Buitenleven magazine were chosen because they are important from the point of view of the permaculture perspective covered in the series. The composite flowers are versatile, edible, and  applied  in both medicinal and beauty products. People love their radiant golden appearance in abundance.

Chives and their inflorescence April 28, 2019, 17:53

Article number 3 Buitenleven magazine talks about the edible forest again, concentrating this time on how to create your own edible garden. 
For the opening page I created chives with their wonderful round purple-pink flower buds, with red raspberries and  fresh green mint further in the article. 
The author mentions how her kids are picking fruit in their home edible yard. It took me back to the happy times outdoors, the abundant space and the wonderful orchard we had when we were little so I created this friendly, nearly-blooming 'mini patch' for children. It contains several optical eye teasers that I felt went well with the gently bending, curving and leaning stems of the chive plant.

Showing my take on 'Birch trees and chanterelles' March 11, 2019, 18:31

Dear friends; the next article on permaculture in the Dutch Buitenleven magazine (Buitenleven.nl) explores the 'edible forest'. Edible forests are mature and maturing woods that contain a number of important layers that allow for the land to generate a certain harvest. 
Because birch trees are among the first to appear when a forest develops 'colonializing' the area while growing and spreading relatively fast, and since mushrooms belong to one of the important layers too I wanted to depict them together. 
I simply loved the idea to merge the elegant white birch with the yellow-gold of  a group of chanterelles, my favorite edible mushrooms.

The February/March edition of the magazine will be in stores in The Netherlands and in Flanders, Belgium from March 15 - April 18 (2019). Enjoy! 

Botanical illustrations for the outdoor living magazine 'Buitenleven' February 13, 2019, 09:56

Dear Friends,

It is early February 2019 and I am happy to share some good news with you. The beautiful Dutch outdoor living magazine ‘Buitenleven’ (www.buitenleven.nl) has asked me to create botanical illustrations for a new series of articles on permaculture. I jumped in enthusiastically and am having a great time with this very interesting project as we speak. Seven articles, seven editions, 21 illustrations, all the way into the Fall season. As many of you have inquired about it: the February edition will be on the shelves from February 8 - March 14 in The Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium. This is also a  beautiful opportunity to contribute something to spreading the ideas of permaculture, that teaches us how to make the most of our gardens by treating the soil and our earth with gentle respect. I’d love to share some of the work I am creating for ‘Buitenleven’ with you in the months to follow. Here's a bit of spring; an apricot bossom.

Enjoy!   gustavandobbenburgh.com


The book Gate Posts With No Gate: The Leg Paint Project May 11, 2018, 15:54

And here it is: Gate Posts With No Gate: The Leg Paint Project. 
A beautiful book with poems by Peter Waldor published by Shanti Arts Publishing and filled with illustrations by 14 invited visual artists inspired by the poems and working in a variety of techniques. 

Back cover to for additional, general information, the 'blurbs' by Gerald Stern, Ann Marie Macari and Sean Hemingway

Peter Waldor

Rae Broyles, Nina Clayton, Curtis Frederick, Gail Higginbotham, Sue Anne Hoyt, Ellen Kalin,Loretta Ana Kaufman
Rosalyn Kliot, Candace Law, Marti Neveln, Nan Ring, Gusta van Dobbenburgh, Karla van Vliet

© Gusta van Dobbenburgh