'Drawing,' the Sixth Edition at the Swiss Art Space Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland 3 November 2017, 09:47

November 10, 2017: Opening Reception/Vernisssage of the Sixth Edition of 'Drawing' at the 

Swiss Art Space Gallery, Rue du Valentin 32 , 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland, 18h30-21h00/6.30-9 pm

Show: November 10 -25, 2017

Purple Gladiola Scarf 28 Oktober 2017, 17:11

Look how beautifully my dear American friend is wearing the cashmere-and-silk Purple Gladiola Scarf. When I asked her how the fabric felt to the touch she enthusiastically replied: "It's delicious"! Thank you for wearing it so happily! 

Botanical Art Show during the Indian Summer Days at Chateau de Vullierens, Vullierens, Switzerland 10 September 2017, 09:43

September 16: Opening weekend of the Botanical Art show during the Indian Summer Days at Chateau de Vullierens. September 16, 17 and 18 and 

September 22, 23 and 24, from 10h00 - 16h00; ongoing art demonstrations 

16 Augustus 2017, 21:37


In the spring of 2016 the Still Point Art Gallery in Brunswick Maine, USA, founded by Christine Brooks Cote, published my 'Branches of Peace' (a gouache of two intertwined Olive branches) full page in their Still Point Arts Quarterly. Not knowing anything about the project she was working on with New Jersey based poet Peter Waldor, the request to a selected group of Still Point Art contributing artists to be part of his poetry illustration project came as a complete surprise. It concerned a subject I had little or no  knowledge of; the millipede! When asked what made Peter come up with the idea to write an entire collection of poems that presents  'poetic prescriptions'  for visual art representations of the millipede he replied: 'it was the great elegant beauty of the millipede's legs in particular mixed with my love for poetry and art in general that made me embark on this journey.' 

June 2017: The latest on the  Millipede project: from the 15 participating artists, a total of 34 works  (including mine, yay!) have been selected for "Gate Posts with no Gate. The Leg Project". Christine Cote and Peter Waldor will be working towards finishing the book in early 2018.  A limited edition hard cover  for exhibitions and events as well as a more widely available softcover version will be the result. A special website, dedicated to the project will air when the book comes out. 

Will keep you posted! 

"Aquarelle" 1 Juni 2017, 08:43

June 7:  Opening reception of "Aquarelle" at the Swiss Art Space, Lausanne. Rue du Valentin 32 1004, Lausanne. See you there! 
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