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S o l u t i o n s   f o r   L i f e

Dutch-born, expatriate, I am certified and accredited by the International Coach Federation, the ICF, providing support to expats in Switzerland and beyond.

With a strong background in languages, teaching and recruiting I reach out to those who are in pursuit of a career or who need general support with their integration in a new country, offering them coaching, consulting, workshops and developing workshop content.

An actively exhibiting artist in my spare time and former curator of art shows at the Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), implementing creativity in my approach is a natural thing to do.


I have studied both in The Netherlands and the United States and have a range of academic degrees that I pair with twelve years of experience in translating and interpreting. Language forms a key component of coaching, so my linguistic skills have also become a vital part of my integration practices.


After having moved to Switzerland I have put my experience in recruiting to use as a career consultant for expatriates throughout Switzerland and beyond. Over time I decided to add a well established and recognized coaching training to my activities in order to set up my own practice. Certification at the ICF Associate (ACC) and Professional (PCC) level followed after I joined the Brief Coaching program with ‘Solution Surfers,’ in Basel, the biggest coaching school in Switzerland. I love coaching and have been doing that at an international level, primarily with expatriates, ever since.


If you want to know more about 'Solutions for Life', please click on the Contact tab or send me an email at  gussony@yahoo.com  I coach face to face, by phone and via Skype, under strict confidentiality.




A  n o t e  o n  B r i e f  C o a c h i n g


Brief therapy was first used by the members of a family oriented clinic in the Mid-West, USA. Psychologists and therapists felt the need to develop a method that would aid their clients to move on with their lives in a positive and fulfilling way, following therapeutic treatment.

In the United States, psychologists Insoo Kim Berg and Steve De Shazer laid the groundwork for a way to communicate with their clients through a practical method. They taught their clients how to rely on their own reserves. The process appeared to be very effective and produced positive results after a short time.

Soon enough they found out that their method was also highly effective in coaching , and that it could be used with a much larger audience within a huge range of subjects. Brief coaching was born.


When we learn how to focus on our personal resources and qualifications, aiming at improving our life, we invite a huge capacity for advancement into our existence.

Brief coaching beautifully opens up that process and stimulates us to strengthen our life in a way we never thought possible.


Additionally, Brief Coaching enables clients to make changes with a sustainable result in a short time, hence the word 'brief'.



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