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S o l u t i o n s   f o r   L i f e

Dutch-born, expatriat/international, I am a certified member of the International Coach Federation (IC) providing support to internationals in Switzerland and beyond.

With a strong background in languages, teaching and recruiting I reach out to those who are in pursuit of a career or who need general support while rooting in a new country, offering them coaching, consulting, workshops and developing my own workshop content. 

I have studied both in The Netherlands and the United States and have a range of academic degrees in linguistics paired with twelve years of experience in translating and interpreting. Language forms a key component of coaching, so my linguistic skills have also become a vital part of my practice too.


For more about 'Solutions for Life', please click on the Contact or send me an email at gussony@yahoo.com I coach face to face or via Skype, strictly confidential.





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