W o r k s h o p s  


The days of the job-for-life have long gone. We change positions more often than ever, and we need to be more inventive and creative to do so successfully. Expatriates are courageous and adventure seeking individuals, and know better than anyone what it means to live a challenging, international life. Changing countries and cultures, the expat job changing process can additionally be trying. For international spouses the change and the search for work can be an even greater undertaking.

The notion innovation has been around for decades, but the influence of the current wave of novel changes in world industry (product improvement, the way businesses are run, architecture functions, etc.) has also caused creative change to be important at a personal level. Without a doubt it affects the job hunt too. It requires innovation at a micro level, asking for originality, reassessment and new insights from the part of the individual.


We design our own workshop content to support this process, aiming to turn your international life into a positive and rewarding experience. We help easing your stay through general support, focusing on the job hunt when needed and guiding you to success, while keeping you motivated in the process.

S e l e c t e d   t o p i c s 

- Change and success; let them work for you

- The job hunt: be innovative

- The job interview; prepare for a shining presentation

- How to create a life and/or job that suits you? 

These workshops can be offered as a series or can be given separately. We also custom design workshops, geared to your specific needs. 



O u r  E x p e r t i s e

- ICF certifications and expert training with internationally acknowledged school and training programs

- Ample professional experience in coaching, consulting training and teaching with international clients

- Innate creativity that makes for unexpected, innovative ideas-Energy that will trigger fresh perspective and insights 

- Full understanding, through our own international lifestyles, of those who are living similar lives

- Fun and lively workshops providing inspiration and learning in a multicultural setting, through a well-designed, interactive program (inviting clients to be present with an open mind and a sense of humor)

- Last but not least: coaches love people. We care about what moves and motivates you, and about what it is you are trying to achieve in life, while  you are making courageous, personal changes

Have a radiant day,


© Gusta van Dobbenburgh