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This page is dear to me. I have invited a few very special people on it whose life, friendship and work I respect. They are hard working, dedicated, successful professionals. We are in touch, exchanging experiences and expertise. We coach, share our lives and work together when we need each other. I am grateful and proud to include them.

Mariella Guarneri

In 2003 Mariella Guarneri founded Redekultur, a Germany-based company. She has established a widely recognized and varied program within a well founded network, that offers training and courses to foundations, companies and institutes. The company's aim is to teach people to become better communicators through clarity and authenticity. Public speaking, argumentation, building self confidence in presenting are a few of the key elements in Mariella's approach, while practice is crucial. Mariella is a highly experienced trainer and solution focused coach, acknowledged by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Please have a look at:  www.redekultur.de

Peter Szabo 

An Master coach, Peter Szabo has brought development, training and coaching to both corporate venues and thousands of private clients for more than two decades. Also co-founder of  the Solution Surfers brief coaching school in Basel, Switzerland, and has a long-time connection with the ICF, both as coach and in an advisory role. Peter has been a pioneer in implementing the solution focused treatment method of psychologists Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg into coaching, thus having spread Brief Coaching across the globe. He has taught the highly effective method at various universities and has supported business leaders world wide with creating sustainable changes in their corporations. His books have been translated into fourteen languages. 

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Claude Keller

'To inspire, to develop, and to unfold', all pertaining to human potential; these are the three key notions around which Claude Keller's successful coaching and  training practice has been revolving for more than ten years. With a degree in physics from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and an MBA from Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, he beautifully connects intrinsic interest in people and the human mind with a personal, realistic approach, in support of  individuals, teams and corporations. 
Because of his degree in acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles, USA, he feels very comfortable working in more cultural settings too. Due to all these different perspectives and international experiences he has developed a keen insight into people and characterizes them with astuteness.
Claude has expanded his knowledge with a lot of continuing education.  After having trained at the Solution Surfers school for brief coaching in Basel, Switzerland, he became a professional certified coach (PCC), acknowledged by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 
Please discover: www.claudekeller.com

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