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The new version of this website was launched in 2016. It took a lot of creativity, thoughts, ideas, discussions, write ups, email and cups of coffee to put it together. A Coaching and an Art website under one roof. Great. It was a deliberate choice; creativity feeds visual art, feeds exploring, feeds coaching, new perspectives, inspiration, innovation,... You get the idea.

Innovation, flexibility and resilience are important notions in the global, corporate market. They also have gained momentum for the individual, naturally including internationals. With a growing number of internationals globally we need to consider their life and job changes from the those same points of view. To international spouses/partners these notions matter just as much. Students are the fastest growing group of internationals worldwide so they too have become an expatriate force to be reckoned with.

How to be flexible in a new economy, bridge the gap between cultures and turn one's new life into an overall success? How to deal with a new, foreign job market and stand out in the local work force? Where to go, how to prepare? How to be resilient after an interview rejection? These are (some of the) questions every job searching international needs to deal with. 


Solutions for Life has designed several workshops that aid in the process. A few topics: change and success, innovation and the job search, preparing for a succesful interview, how to present oneself in the best possible way in a range of situations.

We also consult, and love in-depth coaching about where you want to take your life and career. Over a cup of coffee.


For despite the amazing electronic and digital communication of our time, there is nothing like personal contact. 

Talk to you soon. 

Gusta van Dobbenburgh 

February 21, 2018, 10h00: 'How to present yourself in the best possible way', a workshop at CVCI, the Lausanne Chamber of Commerce. It was quickly fully (over) booked and I am looking forward to meeting everybody.

A well organized, interesting and useful November 17, 2017 event "Decoding the Human; do the company and the job fit your needs' at Nestle, Vevey. Especially the final presentation, "Winning in eBusiness with personalization at scale,' by Sebastien Szczepanjak was excellent.

- The last workshop on 'The interview, preparing for a shining presentation" could not have gone better. The responses in general were: 'extremely positive', there were various requests for a longer workshop with 'more time  for even more tips and exercises', remarks about the 'very interesting topic' and last but not least it had been: 'very informative, with very satisfactory answers; simply excellent.'  What more could we wish for? 

- "One session was all it took to get me focused on how I wanted my career to progress. Thanks to Gusta I am ready to present my skills, experience and ambitions to future employers. Thank you!"  

G. B. Operations Manager


- "Gusta's coaching gave me a clear perspective on the job search by offering me new ideas. I learned to ask myself what it is that I really want, and to be realistic in what I am pursuing. Additionally I learned how to stay on track while exploring different jobs, and staying very well prepared at all times."

H.M Medical Neuroscientist

- My latest workshop at the Lausanne Chamber of Commerce (CVCI) on 'The Job Search: be innovative' was wonderful. With many experiences exchanged, new things learned, questions answered, participants left in an upbeat mood, commenting that they were encouraged and inspired to keep going in their search.

- IDCN member Philip Morris did a beautifully organized September afternoon at their Lausane-Ouchy Headquarters. A few hundred attendees, useful presentations and incredible, friendly support stood out. 




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