The artist

Within her academic background in Language, Linguistics and Art History, Dutch-born Gusta van Dobbenburgh interprets and translates her 'Nature's Art' onto the paper. After four years of training with Mindy Lighthipe, former director of the Botanical Illustration Program at the New York Botanical Garden (Bronx), she added workshops with Scott Rawlins, Valerie Oxley and Anne-Marie Evans.

Applying water color, gouache, colored pencil, graphite pencil and egg tempera she is always looking for subjects in nature that delight, enchant and amaze her. Gusta's work portrays a balanced, luminous atmosphere that is known to move her audiences. Her art is said to bring out a 'creative, artistic and strong feminine spirit' at the same time being 'graceful and peaceful.'
She organized art shows in the United States from 2003-2006, then curated art exhibits at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)  from 2007-20015, while writing art editorials in EPFL's neswpaper, the FLASH (now EPFL magazine) throughout that period.

Gusta has participated in many juried shows internationally, she is a silver finalist in the Winter Convent Show juried by the Summit Art Institute (USA) and received an Honorable Mention for her entire collection in the International Contemporary Art Competition. The Thomson Gallery, Zug, awarded her three months of international, virtual exposure in galeries of choice: the Lelie Galerij Amsterdam, the Thomson gallery and the Zurich-based Urban Side Gallery in Switzerland, and the ARTBOXY exhibition at the Biennale, Venice, Italy during the spring and summer of 2022.

- Her work has been on the cover of the Connection Magazines (USA) and was selected for publication in the Still Point Art Quarterly several times (USA). 
- She has been involved in the Galerie du Château, exhibits, art demonstrations and art contest juries at Château de       Vullierens since 2008.  
- Gusta is an invited artist for VIDA-design 
- She was also asked asked to be part of the collaborative poetry-and-art book project Gate Posts with No   Gate of American poet Peter Waldor and Shanti Arts Publishing (see Art/Fashion Blog). The book came out in May 2018 and is available through Amazon and Shanti Arts Publishing.  
- She was invited artist at he Swiss Art Platform show in Lausanne in 2020. 
- The Dutch outdoor living magazine Buitenleven invited her into an eight-month assignment of botanical illustrations for a series on permaculture, 2018-2019

Gusta has produced work on multiple commissions and has been exhibiting and selling her work internationally since 2003.


© Gusta van Dobbenburgh