The artist

With a background in linguistics and art history, I have been  'translating' my Nature's Art onto the paper since 2002. Over time, internationally renowned botanical artist-teachers (Mindy Lighthipe, Scott Rawlins, Valerie Oxley Anne-Marie Evans) have made an important difference in my art skills and my life. The instruction during the first virtual ASBA 2020 conference allow us worldwide to keep receiving excellent teaching too.

Applying water color, gouache, egg-tempera and colored and graphite pencil I am always looking for subjects in nature that delight and enthuse me. My work is balanced and luminous. It is also said to bring out a 'creative, artistic and strong feminine spirit' and to be 'graceful and peaceful.' 

I organized art shows in the United States from 2003-2006, then curated art exhibits at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)  from 2007-2015, while writing art editorials in the Flash (EPFL's neswpaper) throughout that period.
I was a silver finalist in the Winter Convent Show juried by the Summit Art Institute (2004, NJ, USA) and received an Honorable Mention for my collection in the Internatinal Contemporary Art Competition (2016). 
A few publications: The Connection Magazines  ('On the cover' 2006), the BotaniCalendar (2010/2020), the Still Point Arts Quarterly (2016, 2017, 2021), the book Gate Posts with No Gate of American poet Peter Waldor (2018), illustrations in seven editions of the Dutch outdoor living magazine Buitenleven (2018-2019, see below).

- My involvement  in the Galerie du Château: exhibits, art demonstrations, classes and art juries at Château de Vullierens, Switzerland, has been ongoing since 2008.  
- I became an invited artist for VIDA-design (2016).
- I was featured artist in the exposition Nature at The Swiss Art Platform in Lausanne (2020). 

I have been selling my work internationally through expositions, sites, commissions and special projects since 2003A few exampless:
- For a 2018-2019 project of the Dutch outdoor living magazine Buitenleven I contributed 21 illustrations in 7 editions for a series of articles on permaculture.
- Within a project of participating fellow working members of the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists and the Dutch Hortus Alkmaar a painting of mine was selected for the 2019-2021 Hortus fundraiser.
- The Grimm Family Education Foundation in California requested a few images for their 2020 and 2021 project The Edible Schoolyard, supporting young children and their families in cultivating and harvesting their own crop.

© Gusta van Dobbenburgh